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Non-Slip Pads

Price: $39.95

24x36 Inch Non-Slip Pads

Our Non-Slip pads enhance both accuracy and safety. Place one underneath any rotary cutting mat to completely reduce slipping and hold it in place. Comes in three sizes to match our cutting mats. Place under any mat to hold it in place.

  • Holds cutting mats in place, eliminating slipping while cutting for safer more accurate cuts
  • Easy to trim to fit common cutting mats sizes

Non-Slip Pad

The TrueCut Non-Slip Pad enhances both accuracy and safety. Place one underneath any cutting mat to hold it securely in place. They can be used on any surface to prevent sliding.

The TrueCut Non-Slip Pad now comes in one size that can be cut to different dimensions to fit your cutting mat. Cut along the lines indicated on the Non-Slip Pad to match your mat size.

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Cutting Mat
$24.95 - $74.95 USD

Cutting Mat

TrueCut Cutting mats are top-of-the-line, featuring an enhanced self-healing surface and special attention to the detail of the grid measurements and numbering.

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Non-Slip Pads

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