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TrueCut Combo 2

Price: $145.80

The TrueCut ruler track and cutter guide interlock to give you superior precision and accuracy! As you cut, the track and guide keep the cutter from slipping away from the ruler's edge.


  • 45mm My Comfort Cutter
  • 6½ x 24½ Inch Ruler
  • 1 Pack Of TrueGrips
  • TrueSharp Power Sharpener

Combo includes

$151.00 value!
  • My Comfort Cutter – 45mm
    $32.95 USD
  • 6.5”x24.5” Ruler
    $26.95 USD
  • 1 Pack of TrueGrips
    $10.95 USD
  • TrueSharp Power Sharpener
    $79.95 USD

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TrueCut Combo 2

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