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I'm With Q'pid Quilt Pt. 1

Download this pattern to begin

This 42”x42” quilting project is bursting with love! Follow along in the full video linked HERE, or with these written instructions to see how Karla creates the “I’m With Q’pid” quilt pattern with arrows and hearts.

Cutting Supplies

Supplies you’ll need:

Fabric Amounts:

Red Arrow Blocks

Pink Arrow Blocks

Red & Pink Heart Blocks

Either fold and crease or mark lightly with pencil make a diagonal line for all the white squares:

Cutting instructions

Now that you’ve got all your supplies and cuts ready, let’s dive into the step-by-step instructions.

Sewing instructions for Arrow Blocks:

Take one of the 3.75”X3.75” white squares and place it on a red or pink 4.50”X4.50” square with the right sides together. Align the top right corners of both squares to be even with each other. Sew diagonally from the top left corner of the white square to the bottom right use the fold or marking line as your guide.

How to add cuts together

Place your ruler on your sewing line and cut a 1/4” away from the sewing line to cut off the excess triangles. Iron so your seam is towards the white. Cut excess Triangle Opened and iron seam towards the white.

First completed arrow shaft

Repeat the process and place a 3.75” white square on the opposite corner. Sew along the diagonal crease or mark.

Place a 3”X3” red square on the top left corner and sew diagonally across your marked crease. Cut off the excess measuring 1/4” from the sewing line and iron open.Now Place the 1.5”X1.5” square on the tip of the shaft. Sew diagonally across your creased sewing line and cut off the excess leaving 1/4” then iron open.

Arrow shaft completed.

Tune in for part two of the “I’m With Q’pid” quilt series for the final steps of creating your “I’m With Q’pid” quilt.

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