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I'm With Q'pid Quilt Pt 3.

We’re back and ready to embellish! This blog will cover how to add the finishing touches to your quilt along with tips and tricks on how to use your quilting tools to create a sensational quilt.

With the quilt top complete, you may now take a moment to enjoy your handiwork and get creative. In the video below, Karla discusses the importance of doodling. Doodling is a wonderful way to work out the kinks of your design in any project, and it creates confidence and muscle memory when you are ready to embellish your quilt.

  • The doodle

    Once you’ve settled on the doodle design that you love, you can begin selecting the thread for said design. In the video below, Karla details how she went about choosing her preferred thread color for the “I’m With Q’pid” quilt.

  • Choosing Thread

    Marking pencils are such a helpful tool when bringing to life the design you’ve created in your head. Karla discusses the importance of choosing a color that is well suited to your quilt fabric colors, and the advantages of different pencil line widths. Watch this video and choose your perfect marking pencil to outline your doodled design.

  • Marking Pencils

    It’s all coming together! The following video details how to set up your machine, your frame, and your ruler foot for the best quilting experience. Karla also explains a few key things to look for before jumping into the actual quilting process.

  • Foot, Frame, Machine Prep

    Next, we’ll discuss a bobbin case hack. Karla was so excited to have found this quick shortcut to tighten that small screw on the case in no time flat. See this short clip to find out how she does it with a tool that you probably have handy on your quilting workspace.

  • Bobbin Case Trick

    Let’s talk about the frame. For this quilting project, Karla is quilting on the Q-Zone Queen frame. One of the most desirable factors to using this frame is that you can quilt either sitting or standing. It’s also quite easy to switch from using your domestic machine to your quilting machine on this particular frame model.

  • Beginning to Quilt

    This next video reminds us that we can customize our machines to work in our favor. Karla realized that using her ruler foot instead of the hopping foot would better suit where she was in the quilting process. Listen to her reasoning in the video below.

  • Ruler Foot

    Now, onto the fun part: embellishing! Karla speaks on switching thread colors and how to make the color change seamless as you go. She offers tips on switching thread in this video that make the transition between colors cleaner. Using these quick tips from Karla will ensure that the backside of the quilt just as beautiful as the frontside.

  • Embellishing

    In this final segment, Karla explains the Grace Company’s frame and machine combo promotion. It’s an opportunity to get a fantastic price on two of the most important items in your quilting workspace.

  • Frame Combos

    Thank you for following along as Karla detailed the instructions on how to make the “I’m With Q’pid” quilt.

    We hope that you picked up some helpful information along the way, a tip or hack that you can use in future projects, and perhaps a new quilt to show for your efforts!

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